Mystery GRAB BAG

Mystery GRAB BAG

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We have a few items left from our seconds sale this past
weekend and made up some MYSTERY GRAB BAGS! The mystery is that you won't know which designs you're getting.

Each bag contains:
- seconds tote bag
- seconds dish towel
- seconds apron
- notebook set
- mystery card set (contains 5 of our seconds cards, each with a kraft envelope)

*NOTE: Most of our seconds will come without product packaging




• Extra extra wrinkles in fabric (some wrinkles are natural and okay, some are just too much)
• Slight misprints (some are caused by the wrinkles, some are just caused by the screen printing process)
• Frayed edges on towels or smudged ink on handles of totes
• Faded colors from being on display or stored near the windowfor way too long
• Smudged ink on handles or base of totes
•  slightly bent corner on cards
•  details dropped out during printing on cards
•  fold line paper cracking on cards

And potential other irregularities not mentioned above.