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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50

Oyster Sponge Cloth

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These cloths are an eco-friendly replacement for kitchen sponges and paper towels, making cleaning up cute with less waste. You can use them for so many tasks such as:
- washing dishes
- wiping up spills
- washing windows and mirrors
- dusting furniture
- washing your car
- and MORE!


WE ADDED A HOLE SO YOU CAN EASILY HANG THEM TO DRY: They can hold up to 15x their weight in water and dry quickly. 


EASY TO CLEAN: You don’t have to wash after every use, just a rinse under water is fine, but every now and then you can pop them in the dish washer (top rack), washing machine, or boil in hot water to clean 


BIODEGRADABLE + COMPOSTABLE: Will last for several months and when you’re done they biodegrade in the garbage or better yet you can throw them in your compost bin.


• Measures 6.8" x 7.75"
• Designed + packaged in the USA, manufactured and printed in Sweden using eco-friendly water-based inks


Color may vary slightly from your monitor to actual coloring.