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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50

FREE! 4th of July Coloring Page

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THIS COLORING PAGE IS FREE! It's our gift to you during this tough time and as a THANK YOU for supporting our small business.

Just add it to your cart and check out to receive the download to print at home on an 8.5x11 piece of paper. PS - you can still check out even it it's the only thing in there, that's fine it'll just check you out at $0 and there will be no payment. 

If you finish this one up and are looking for more, we have a few other options for purchase and 50% of our coloring page sales will be going to the World Health Organization to help in the fight against coronavirus.* If you'd like to make a donation directly you can do so at

Hope you have fun and be sure to show us your final masterpiece on instagram by tagging us at @TheNeighborgoodsWithLove!